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Does High Risk Florida, Louisiana, Texas & Cal Governors, Caribbean Presidents, (Gulf/Mex)Oil operations or
US Pr Barrack Obama want Technical Solution to curtail Hurricane, Tornado, Pollution or Drought?
We suggest leasing our equipment at strategic placed perimeters, US States, Caribbean, Africa Desert for intl,
region, local overlap protection to prevent future disasters.THEY WORKEmail us ASAP for solution?
 Our units do 25-1500 radius miles based pollution density.

DROUGHTS in FL, GA, NC, SC, TN, TX, NM, Az, CA, NV, OR & CO are so severe.
Not one person in state realizes their air pollution rate is 90-114 ( the worst) and hydration rate is 10 or less (the worst).
Farm cost is $198 an acre to pump 24" ground water in 24 weeks or $1.18 per day per acre to yield 180 bu/corn vs 30 with no water.
To Lower Air Pollution Rate & raise hydration rate, we lease our proprietary equipment in cover area of 25 to 100 sq miles to allow +- 24" RAIN.
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