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EuropeProblemSolution-How CO2 breaks down!!

EUROPEAN UNION 25 Countries have 12,000 Plant Sites & EMIT 8.7 BILLION Tons of CO2
mostly from Power Plants, Cement, Oil Refining, Metals, etc.
 Ask CEO's who Want Change as We Solve Their Air PROBLEM.

SOLUTION: {20% of each country plants emit 80-92% of CO2;
a 10-99% reduction at 20% allows ICT to reduce other  80% sites CO2 as a single matrix site
with all companies emissions reduced in ambient air (atmosphere)}.

CO2 breaks down to 22% CARBON & 78% OXYGEN. 
CARBON is inert, not acidic nor alkaline, mixes miles away from site into soil or sand
and is less than 1 micron size to date. PROCESS is NOT ENDOTHERMIC (Not Energy Intensive)
and our equipment unit breakthrough USES LESS ENERGY than Your Electric Shaver.
Power Plants, Oil Refineries, Petro-chemical plants, Cement plants, Gas Compressor stations and
 Steel plants can increase PROFITS, can reduce feedstock losses & clear air emissions.

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