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Forest Fire smoke plumes cleared & Low Oxygen level raised-
Air Emission Reduction Control Technology, IDs, preMEASURES Air Pollutants & Destroys/Clears/Eradicates
 Greenhouse Gases in 1-7 days for a 30-99.6% Air Emission's REDUCTION. 
We cleared forest fire smoke plumes 35,000 ft high in 1-5 days, volcano eruption dust in 5+ days
 but active volcano areas require our preinstalled equipment (we lease to you) to prevent massive damage.
5 Power Plant Air Emissions near Home can Lower Oxygen Level to 17%;
Our UNITS reduced Air Pollution within 1 WEEK & OXYGEN is now 26%+. 

We have abundant honeybees to pollinate our tomatoe, green pepper, flower, strawberry plants etc.
How a Low 16% Oxygen causes death & affects Honeybee population.  honeybee1.htm

Forest Fire Smoke can be CLEARED (CA) & Soil Recovery Areas
When AIR EMISSIONS are DETOXIFIED, Odor, Haze, Smoke, Particulate are MINIMIZED or REMOVED.
A natural organic compound to soil accelerates tree/vegetation growth especially for dry and  burned out  forests.

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